South Cove Community Health Center Promises To:

- Serve all patients 为所有患者提供服务

- Offer discounted/sliding fees for patients who qualify 为合格的患者提供费用减免

- Not deny services based on a person's • Race • Color • Sex • National origin • Disability • Religion • Sexual orientation • Inability to Pay  绝不依据下列情况拒绝服务: •种族 •肤色 •性别 •年龄 •原籍 •残障 •宗教 •性取向 •无支付能力

- Accept insurance, including: Medicaid, Medicare, Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP)  接受保险,其中包括:Medicaid,Medicare,儿童健康保险计划CHIP


Medical Services

South Cove provides primary and ambulatory care. For special services, South Cove refers patients to area hospitals, including

  Beth Israel Deaconess Medical CenterChildren's Hospital, and Tufts Medical Center.


Bilingual Care:

We have health care professionals who are fluent in Chinese 

(Mandarin, Cantonese, Toisanese, Taiwanese), Vietnamese, Malay and Khmer.



Service fees are based on a sliding fee scale. 

We receive funds from payments for clinical services, federal and state grants, and private donations.

Financial Assistance is available through this institution including payment plans to low income patients and medical hardship patients. 

Please contact our Enrollment Services Department for assistance. 請聯繫社會服務部查詢經濟援助計劃。

South Cove Credit & Collection Policy

Adult Medicine
  •   General internal medicine
  •   Geriatric services
  •   Radiology/ultrasound
  •   Community healthy heart project
  •   Bone Density Imaging


  •   General pediatric services
  •   Adolescent health
  •   Immunizations
  •   Tuberculosis clinic
  •   Thalassemia screening
  •   Asthma/pulmonary clinic


  •   Full obstetric services
  •   Labor coaching
  •   Prenatal classes
  •   Gynecological exams
  •   Family planning
  •   Breast and cervical health
  •   Radiology/ultrasound
  •   Mammography

Babies are delivered at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Please see a video tour of labor and delivery at the hospital.


  •   General dentistry
  •   Oral surgery
  •   School fluoride treatment program
Behavioral Health
  •   Psychotherapy
  •   Early intervention
  •   Parent aide services
  •   Intensive family intervention
  •   Case management
  •   Children's collaborative

Health Education

  •   Hepatitis B initiative
  •   Chronic disease program
  •   Blood pressure screening
  •   Breast and cervical Initiative
  •   Annual health fair
  •   Health beat quarterly
  •   Community outreach
  •   First aid & CPR training

Family Life Center

  •   Brighton/Allston After School Enrichment Program
  •   Nutrition/Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)


  •   Gastroenterology
  •   Neurology
  •   Cardiology
  •   Podiatry