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Bilingual Depression Toolkit 美籍华人双语抑郁治疗手册

Overview: the depression toolkit is developed by The Chinese Americans Depression Research team led by Dr. Albert Yeung, Co-Medical Director at SCCHC with team members Pauline Tan, Lingjun Chen, Guoyu Ling.

Depression In-brief 抑郁概览
Symptoms and Diagnosis 症状诊断
1. What is depression? 1. 什么叫抑郁症?
2. Using PHQ-9 for depression screening 2. PHQ-9进行抑郁筛查
Depression Etiology 抑郁成因
1. What causes depression? 1.  什么导致了抑郁?
2. Diagram 2. 成因图表
Depression Treatment 抑郁治疗
1. How can depression be treated? 1. 抑郁症该如何治疗?
2. Introduction of medication treatment for depression 2. 药物治疗抑郁简介
3. Frequently asked questions about antidepressant medications 3. 抗抑郁药物治疗常见问题
4. Introduction of psychological counseling for depression medication 4. 心理咨询治疗抑郁简介
Self-Care skills for depression 自我护理
1. Reactivating your life 1. 恢复生活的动力
2. Thinking realistically 2. 切合实际的思考
3. Solving problems 3. 学会解决问题
Health lifestyle 健康生活
1. Diet 1. 饮食
2. Physical Activity 2. 运动
3. Sleep 3. 睡眠
4. Caffeine 4. 咖啡因
5. Drugs and Alcohol 5. 毒品与酒精
Useful links 有用链接
1. Toolkits 1. 治疗手册
2. Websites 2. 网站
3. Organizations and clinics 3. 组织与诊所
Who are we? 我们是谁
1. About us 1. 关于我们
2. Contact us 2.  联系我们

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