About Us

South Cove Community Health Center was incorporated in 1972 by a group of volunteers in response to the inadequate provision of primary care services for the local residents in Boston Chinatown due to their language and cultural differences. 

Early Beginnings

Immigration laws were changed in the 1960s, initiating an increase of new immigrants to urban America. This population expansion brought significant demographic change on a local level. Like other major urban centers absorbing this influx, Boston's Chinatown changed from a mostly bachelor worker society to a family-based community. This dramatic transition brought a set of unique needs and challenges for which the surrounding medical facilities of the time were not equipped to handle. The growth in households brought an increased demand for linguistically and culturally fluent primary care services.





Today, 40 years later, South Cove runs four clinics and an after-school program in the greater Boston area with over 200 employees, serving approximately 27,000 patients annually.


We are now the largest Asian community health center in Massachusetts with new and expanded clinics in Boston (Chinatown & South Street) and Quincy.


Our mission is to improve the health and well-being of all medically underserved in Massachusetts, with a special focus on Asian Americans. This mission is accomplished by providing high quality, community-based health care and health promotion programs which are accessible, affordable, as well as linguistically and culturally competent for these populations.



Today, we face many new challenges in providing health care for Asian Americans such as:

  •     Increase in ethnic diversity within the Asian community
  •     Rise of new Asian communities in surrounding areas with maintenance of ties to Chinatown

To continue to meet the needs of our communities in this changing world, we have:

  •     Established satellite clinics in those surrounding communities with relatively high percentage of Asians. 
  •     Staffed the clinics with native language speakers, including Chinese, Vietnamese, and Cambodian.
  •     Expanded complementary service including health education outreach.


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